Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm done with Hurricanes.

So I've cast the Central Park Hoodie aside. It's completely seamed together and only missing the button band. But, it's decidedly shorter than I wanted and I can't bring myself to pick up all those stitches and knit 3 inches of ribbing. That just sounds boring.

So I cast on for Elizabeth Zimmerman's Saddle Shoulder Aran made famous by Brooklyn Tweed. I kindof want my version to look like Gumboots'. Oh yeah, and I have to cut a steek when I'm done knitting this beauty.

I'm knitting it in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK. I had a hard time deciding between this color (frog) and a pale blue. I ended up with this color because it has these beautiful blue and yellow flecks of tweed in it.
I took those pictures a few days ago. I'm much farther now, but it is currently raining buckets and this was the best pictures I could muster.

As I was walking to work the other morning a water droplet hit me square in the head. I looked up to see what that was all about and saw these storm shudders...

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Tenacious said...

Oh my, I'm so glad you got back safely and got your cat, and are getting back to normal and your knitting! I hope N.O. is done with hurricanes, too.