Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well, it's been a while

But I'm still here.

Once i finished my steeked Saddle Shoulder Cardigan I kindof lost some knitting steam. Especially since I bought the perfect buttons for it, and then put them somewhere in my apartment so as not to lose them, but I haven't found them since then. I have the button bands knitted and it's finally cold enough to wear sweaters here in New Orleans, so of course they're m.i.a.

This prompted me to start cleaning my apartment. I've been working from either corner in to the center (I have a wide hallway of a studio). So my kitchen is spotless, as is my bathroom/closet. Clothing is hung in rainbow order (did you know I haven't put on a pair of pants in over six months?) All dresses and skirts!

Here is a crappy cell phone image of my closet halfway through the process. Anyways...

In knitting content, Here is what I've been working on.

After Hat,

After failed scarf.

( I frogged this)

But. I have been designing like crazy. I'm having a hard time executing any of my ideas though. Send good vibes my way.

In the mean time. I have started....

Two more hats. The other one is colorwork.

Oh! And I met Sela Ward last night!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stitches bonus

Many skeins of yarn and stuff arrived for me today...I won a drawing at the yarn4socks booth at Stitches! I don't know how, although I did stop by their booth four or five times over the weekend bec I really liked the stuff they had. My stash is now quite amazing.
A big, big thank you to Donna at yarn4socks for all the gorgeous yarn, stitch markers, and two notions bags. I'll have a lot of fun with it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stitches East 08

Evidence of a great time at Stitches in Baltimore? My new stash:

Two skeins of Manos silk blend, very soft and fluffy. It's color 3105, brown, black, pink, etc., with 30% silk & 70% merino extrafine wool. I think I'm
going to make a mini-Clapotis with it next week while I'm traveling.

The green is some sock yarn that I couldn't resist, Bamboo Baby from Miss Babs, in case I get around to learning how to knit socks.
The purple is Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere, which is too soft to describe. Very yummy.
The dark, dark blue yarn is Araucania Ranco Multy, which is wool with polyamide.
The bright blue is Malabrigo baby merino wool lace, which I've wanted since last year's Stitches, where I had gotten a timy sample. More soft, soft stuff. I think I'll make Juno Regia http// with it.
And saving the best for last: the double Handmaiden SeaSilk.

I forgot to take a photo of the Kollage square circular needles. I love them.
Love you too. I'm so happy you were able to get to B'more. Are you brave enough to post everything you bought?