Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So I'm a Moron

I cast on for another sweater because the Saddle Shoulder Aran was much too large to carry around with me now that I've united the sleeves to the body. So, low and behold Suvi S's Baby Cables and Big One's Too which I am so very in love with.

I'm knitting it out of discontinued Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK, which i got on Sale at Cucumber Patch for quite cheap. The only problem is that I bought a bag of 10 balls, enough to make the size 32". But thanks to genetics, and a healthy amount of fried oysters, I'm making the 36". So. I'm not sure how to work out ravlery stash trading, but I'm sure someone can enlighten me.

Here is a crappy picture of the beginings of my sweater as posed on an olive jar

I cannot wait until Sitches East! Design classes here I come!

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